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"If I had to give any advice to younger people who want to accomplish something, first try to simplify what you want to do, and see whether or not you can do it. But if you see a possibility, then take it on" (1991)

Willem Kolff (1911-2009) was a Dutch physiian, and pioneer of haemodialysis as well as in the field of artificial organs

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Welcome to RenalMed

We are pleased to launch a new chapter, concerning Supportive and Palliative Care in ESRD. It was written for us by two palliative care consultants, Christina Radcliffe and Sarah Yardley, and reviewed by Fliss Murtagh, who is a national authority on this area

RenalMed is a website that attempts to explain many aspects of renal medicine and renal disease. It contains practical information and help for nephrologists, non-renal physicians, and renal nurses and technicians

We focus on all aspects of renal medicine, including acute kidney injury (AKI), chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis and renal transplantation. We welcome your feedback and questions and will endeavour to update and add to our online resources as required. We hope the content is useful for you and ultimately benefits your patients

This website is not a substitute for a detailed clinical assessment, involving history, examination and investigation. Your patient may be different from the cases described within. If in doubt, ask!

You may also be interested in a new section of our journal club in association with The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation  called Transplant Trial Watch to keep you up to date with all the latest clinical trials in the field of renal transplantation.