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"Hydrodiffusion through membranes should captivate the attention of physicists much more than it has been so far, because it is not only one of the basic factors of organic life, but also a process of the highest interest as such” (1855)

Adolf Eugen Fick (1829-1901) was a German Physician and physiologist. In 1855 he introduced Fick's Law of Diffusion. He was also the first to measure cardiac output, called the Fick Principle

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RenalMed is a website that attempts to explain many aspects of renal medicine and renal disease. It contains practical information and help for nephrologists, non-renal physicians, and renal nurses and technicians

We focus on all aspects of renal medicine, including acute kidney injury (AKI), chronic kidney disease (CKD), dialysis and renal transplantation. We welcome your feedback and questions and will endeavour to update and add to our online resources as required. We hope the content is useful for you and ultimately benefits your patients

This website is not a substitute for a detailed clinical assessment, involving history, examination and investigation. Your patient may be different from the cases described within. If in doubt, ask!

We are pleased to be able to highlight the upcpoming Renal Medicine Symposium hosted by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh on Thursday 27 April 2017

Our congratulations to the organizers of this event, for what is a truly outstanding programme. On-line booking and full programme viewing is now available on the College website: