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on 01 Jan 2019

Journal Club

Welcome to RenalMed Journal Club. Do you work in a renal department? Do you have a journal club? Would you like (or have you been trying) to start one? If the answers to any of these questions is yes, then you might want to consider joining and linking your journal club to ours.

How It works?

You run your journal club as you would normally, but rather than slides being deleted and never used again, send them to us and (after review) we will publish them on the website for others to see. All contributors will receive a RenalMed certificate of contribution to their portfolio, and we will all benefit from and be able to see and review the contributions from all other members of journal clubs from around the country. Centres currently involved include:

  1. University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust Renal Unit
  2. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust Renal Unit
  3. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust Renal Unit
  4. Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust Renal Unit
  5. Croydon Health Services NHS Trust Renal Service

We hope to very quickly build up a large database of presentations of recent journal reviews that should benefit all. And it is also a great way to pool resources from accross different hospital and university sites. We have prepared some RenalMed slides with some guidance as to how you might approach reviewing an article, but please do not feel you need to stick to the format rigidly, especially if you are used to critically appraising articles. RenalMed slides can be downloaded here.

If you want to join our journal club, then please contact us. You can also follow us on twitter (@RenalMed) or on facebook for updates of when new journal clubs are loaded, and for all other RenalMed website updates. If you don't find what you are looking for here, then the website nephrology on demand has an excellent and established journal club that you may find useful.

We are pleased to announce a new monthly section of our journal club designated to the latest news from clinical trials in renal tranpsplantation in collaboration with The Centre for Evidence in Transplantation.

You can also view the #NephJC journal club debates below via YouTube. These videos are made by the NephJC and are a great resource. Follow them on twitter @NephJC

Presentations to journals reviewed can be found by clicking on the disease specific headings below: